About Barnegat Light Plumbing

Barnegat Light Plumbing is a neighborhood family business started by Leonard and Joan Wieczorek (Better know as Mom and Pop!) way back in 1959 with an emphasis on high quality and fast professional service. As Pop says, there's no money in callbacks! And as usual he is right!

Over the years the Island has changed quite a bit and LBI has grown by leaps and bounds. More people are living here year round than ever before, and the demand for high quality plumbing service is greater than ever and Barnegat Light Plumbing is still providing that same high quality service at a reasonable price by standards set up by Pop 50 years ago.

Today, Barnegat Light Plumbing & Builders stands for excellence with a quality comes first approach and as the only full service construction company on LBI with capabilities ranging from a small faucet repair to a brand new custom built beach home you can be assured that your project, no matter how large or small, will be given the highest standard of attention, quality, and detail available today.

The Gang is All Here

Samuel S. Wieczorek, President:
Grew up in business as 2nd generation and has worked here for over 36 years. Youngest person ever to take and pass the N.J. State Master Plumbing License test. Wife Kris, Sons, Sammy and Matt and grandsons Aiden who is 8, little Sammy number 3 who just turned 6, and our new Grand daughter Brooke Brianne who just turned 2 and can get anything she wants from Grandpop with just a little smile and a big hug. Big Sam is also an award winning poet and published writer. Sams other Interests are Mechanical and Reverse Engineering, Math, Science, and Physics. Collects 1969 Z/28 Camaros, Plays Guitar and rides a Harley, member of Mensa and International High IQ Society.

Mike Buchanan, Master Plumber:
Came from Levittown Pa. over 20 years ago as a Master Plumber. Due to all his dedication and time and effort, Mike was recently made a Partner so everyone at work, must Bow and kiss Mikes ring when greeting him in the morning. We sell the top Tankless Water heaters in the World and are Nj's Only Elite Rinnai Dealer. We were recently named Rinnai America's ASP of the year for Outstanding Product knowledge and Customer Service and most of this was due to Mikes dedication to learn everything possible about a Product we strongly believe in and when it comes to Plumbing and Heating you will not find a better mechanic anywhere, especially when it comes to troubleshooting as Mike is an absolute genius! General Note: When you meet Mike he is miserable, but that's when he is the happiest!

Cathy Peterson, Office Manager:
Cathy is a new addition to the team and the family! Cathy is from the Chester NJ area and has Vast Knowledge of Kitchen and Bath Renovations and gained her experience as an Office and Sales Manager for JKD Construction Products out of Bernardsville, NJ. Cathy recently married my Nephew James Peterson from Chester NJ.

Mario Taugrasso, Long Time Journeyman Plumber:
Married to Dawn and has two son's Morgan who is 6 and Max now 4. Together they also own a Merry Maids franchise so if you need an incredible cleaning service let us know and well have Dawn contact you. Mario is also an avid fisherman. Could catch a fish on a line with no hook. Must be an Italian thing.

Sammy Wieczorek, Third Generation:
Sammy Wieczorek: Third generation in the business. Learning all aspects of Plumbing, Heating and Building/Construction. Single with two sons Aiden now 8, and Sammy the 3rd who just turned 6, and our newest addition and the first female in our family in generations, our little Princess Brooke Brianne who just turned 2 and can do Nothing Wrong! Sammy the 2nd is Into music and is an award winning Producer. Sammy has stared on VH1 and MTV with Flavor Flav, Album of the Year, and 3 time Grammy Nominee Raphael Saadiq, and worked with manyothers including Grammy Winner Dirty Harry, Starting up a new Record and Entertainment business. Class Act Entertainment Group is starting off strong with Sam's new hit single "Bang on my Desk" which is an awesome and fun song that will make you smile and bring back a lot of memories!

Matt Wieczorek, Third Generation:
Also learning all aspects of Plumbing, Heating and Building/Construction. Single except for Smokey the furry little critter with the giant teeth and sharp claws I was telling you about. Awesome baseball player still holding many Cooperstown youth hall of fame records.

Kris Wieczorek, General Office and House Watch:
Big Sam's wife and Sammy and Matt's mom. More importantly she's Aiden and Sammy number 3's Grandmom! Kris loves to build furniture and spoil Aiden and little Sammy.

Mom and Dad, Founders:
Yup, after 50 years Mom and Dad are still here. Mom keeps the bills paid and the accounting stuff organized. Dad terrorizes everyone including the suppliers and makes sure everything gets done right. He's the one with the 12" Cuban cigar inside that giant cloud of smoke.